September 7, 2011

Blekinge Matvik 110826-28 Since Heidi had received their dose of the rain and wind on Orust around for a few weeks ago we were a little uncertain about this year's Stockholm meeting, the forecast looked pretty dull with halvok on Friday and since most rain the rest of the weekend. But at the last minute double-checked our weather map, and saw more sun in Blekinge. So Friday after work we loaded the kayaks and drove up to Matvik instead .. Read more »

Week tour in the archipelago - Möja

August 8, 2011

Stockholm northern archipelago 110716-24 There was some rain during the night but this time did not really wind up to projections. Fog and drizzle continued in the morning meant that it was time to take a lie-in and bet on the later start. Anders, Jacob and Karl-Johan was a little more impatient, and because they also wanted to pass Norröra and check out Saltkråkan, so we ran dual departures. They paddled away around twelve, while Heidi and I did not come off until some hours later .. Read more »

Week tour in the archipelago - Söderarm

August 6, 2011

Stockholm northern archipelago 110716-24 From Swedish piles it is hardly a mil to the nearest island, and because the joint is composed of relatively small islands, we had nothing to aim at. We were thus forced to go entirely on the compass course, about 20 °. But as the wind behind was in from the south east we saw almost due north, the idea that the large drift miss the target attracted not really, the next stop had risked becoming Åland. But after just a few miles south Kobben sensed it as a white dot on the horizon and we could relax a bit .. Read more »

Week tour in the archipelago - Swedish Stacks

August 1, 2011

Stockholm northern archipelago 110716-24 Club course, tend to alternate weekly tours and this year it was time to head north towards the Stockholm archipelago again. Because it was a record number of notified this time it was now four groups with slightly different compositions and objective. Some launch already believed to avoid paddling in a circle, a large gang wanted to take it easy and keep more inshore, while others had horizon as a theme. I had not too much planning, but like the freedom to improvise and make use of occasions. The basic idea was anyway around; outer if possible, no stress, but decent pace and distance, the risk of PASM, cutting camping, öpromenader, long passes and waves. Heidi, Jacob, Anders and Karl-Johan bought the concept and we got enough plot all the points quite well actually .. Read more »


July 11, 2011

Bohuslän Skärhamn 110701-04 Again, we had enough Valöträffen as starting to plan, but like last year , it was not quite so. Though we came much closer this time anyway, so maybe next year .. On the way up to Gothenburg, we discussed a bit in the car and went out on Tjörn instead. We had checked the weather forecast for the weekend and here it would be best simply .. Read more »