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February 21, 2008


Once you have sanded and put fabric on the inside of the tire is finally all the major parts ready. And most importantly, you no longer need to be as afraid of the wood will move due to changes in temperature and / or humidity.

Clear around the cockpit ..

It can be tricky to separate the deck and hull. It is easiest if you try to cut clean glass or carbon fiber as soon as the epoxy has "Gellar" itself - are waiting until it has cured completely, it is much harder and you might cut down the wood. The frames may be knocking off one at a time so many to reach through the cockpit and hatches, and then gently pry the deck looking at the odds are.
Then I saw the clean and smooth with a little rasp around the cockpit, and scrape off all traces of white & hot melt adhesives.


Because it is carbon fiber on the outside, I could work off more wood on the inside without the strength significantly affected. I borrowed my friend Niklas over routers and drove away 1-1.5 mm on the flat rear deck, while a vinkelkap with coarse grinding wheel worked better on the foredeck. Both tools require a steady hand and strong nerves - kind, "do not try this at home" unless you know what you are doing ..
Final Finish with oscillating and then somebody hour hand job by 40 & 80 paper. Finally base with epoxy putty and hålkärl in all joints.

Fiberglass and kolremsor

Then do I fiberglass - 163 g around the cockpit and 80 g of the rest. Double layer around the actual immersion as additional reinforcement, and a few strips of carbon fiber directed primarily to charter the aft deck.


Second layer of epoxy

Clear inside

The day after I cut clean fiber, sand all the seams and adds a second layer of epoxy, mainly due to the thicker fabric and carbon fiber. In ändskeppen gave it good with just one coat.
In fact, the cockpit is a bit fussy like that I usually work closely with both grinding & epoxy - we are still be a few hours of sitting here and it's important that you thoroughly enjoy ..!

The next step ..

Now the frame, seat and little else småplock, before I start with o rudder control system. It feels like the worst is done and so far it has proceeded right ok. Pepper, pepper ..

Before the lunar eclipse

Unfortunately they had promised to overcast during the lunar eclipse during the night and on the way home, the haze has already begun to creep into. But it was a pretty evocative walk home through the park ..

/ Ulf

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5 Responses to "Inside the tires"

  1. eriksjos writes:

    still fine as hell!

  2. Lars Sehnert says:

    Thumbs up! Nice work!

    Here are some questions:
    -How to attach the span States in the hull? Looked at a brief glimpse of a little silverteijp. Is that all?
    -Heard someone say that these submerged gaps weaken the deck construction. But the other side, there is not myckeet left of the wood ... .. What do you say?
    -You chose to have a flat rear deck. An arched deck is well more durable and water run off better. You may experience this not as a problem? What are your views?

    Going out now on my second workout today (quite uninteresting. ... But I want to do better at the next DKM +)
    Eagerly await the next update!
    / Lars

  3. Erik A says:

    What a good construction blog and so nice pictures!

  4. Ulf wrote:

    Hi Lars!
    When I build the deck, I usually bring back ribs with a few pieces of duct tape. One must be careful before the first ribs locks everything but then usually it is actually enough, and because I know when I am ready to wiggle loose ribs from the inside, I would not give them too much either ..
    All holes in the deck weakens but IOM to wood / epoxy construction yet is so strong, it has probably no practical significance. The largest slowdown is actually the cockpit and where it should be mostly gunpowder - out of ändskeppen forces are much smaller. Partly because I have both rim and lucknedsänkningar in carbon / fiberglass for in order to get the powerful "rings" to keep up with the tire. Then gives me strength depressions because of the "week" as well - see, eg automotive sheet in which to put förstyvningsveck in hoods, doors, etc..
    And yes, the flat tire had become very rigid and arched - but I did not really fit into the design language (Important) .. Hope kolremsorna on the bottom keeps it sufficiently in place (it's still a motionsbåt and they tend to not be so rigid in the plastic ..). Water runoff should Funka OK too - also, the most of the time should the water, hopefully, the first coming in over the foredeck. :)
    And then we have seen in Dalsland this summer!

    Eric A; The plan was a bit of working out some steps in advance to then be able to bucket out the pictures at your leisure, but he did go Sivenbrantaren and gossiping ..

    Eric S; Orange is actually racing color Laverda (one of the world's top motorcycle brands ever ..) was in the 70's ..! Unfortunately, my SFC 1000 red, however ..
    / Ulf

  5. Robert writes:

    It usually annarsgå good that fastened with melted glue, also works well to glue the depressions with small strip type pieces for cockpit doors

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