Carbon Frame

February 26, 2008


I've driven with the same design of the boards on my last four builds. It does admittedly a little more time to get to but you can easily control the shape to make it exactly as you want and the end result is very strong.

For ..

.. Acts

It was empty in the shop for once so I could take a few side pictures of the kayak looks like right now. First time when you just saw the unfinished wood surface I thought it seemed a bit clumsy in shape (at least in view of the dimensions), but now that stuff starts to sit on the ground have the "slim" to themselves. Think it will be even better with some color on the deck ..


The shape of the rib should I do in the same pink isolerplast as the rest of the molds - cutting the small pieces and melt glue (stingy with the glue ..) in place. Then I shape the width, height and bend so you get a sense of how the finished boards will look like. A layer of masking tape to guard against any piece of release and then the thin plastic film as a release agent.


Usually add about ten layers fiber - three coal and the glass. Try adding pieces with joints as little overlap as possible so it becomes not so much to grind down late.

Many stock ..


Back in place

The day after it has hardened so much that you can gently pry it loose and rough cut and rasp to shape. Then, simply glue with thickened epoxy, putty hålkärl and add some reinforcement strips on the inside and outside. Usually double in the front and rear because I always lift there.
There are also images and text from my last build ..


We have the annual meeting of the canoe club this weekend so the secretary has little else pottering few days to come. But it will update as soon as I have something more to show ..

/ Ulf

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8 Responses to "Carbon Fiber Frame"

  1. eriksjos writes:

    Now you of course run a cautious turn the channel!

    Annual Meeting! As you can well appoint a webmaster so it happens something on the site? The last post in the log book from 2005?

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Do not know if it has happened so many new things since 2005 actually .. But a new webmaster had been fine! And like a new website (and the new secretary also maybe ..), if one may wish for ..!
    The fact that it has not even been a few turns in the channel this year - last time I was sitting in the kayak was in Burlington bath .. Shame on you.
    / Ulf

  3. George writes:

    Now is the logbook up to date!

    I was indeed found in and removed my name from the name that is in charge of the log. Hope Eric S. is happy now that the page has become more alive. It may now be reason to surf to the site regularly. An update may be in the pipeline. Namely, that Bear might also go in and edit out his name. :-)

  4. Magnus writes:

    Seems to be a great atmosphere in the club! :)

  5. Ulf wrote:

    Besides that some subjects do not always show the board members due respect to the atmosphere at the club top. May well avprogrammera their badge a few times so they will settle down ..
    / Ulf

  6. Mats Says:

    Hope it was a coincidence that come from building substance ....

    Mats. A faithful reader but not a member.

  7. Clas writes:

    For the cockpit coaming as "Pink isolerplast".
    What brand and who delivers?

  8. Ulf wrote:

    Will not really remember what it was called but few brands are Ecoprim and Jackofoam - available at all hardware stores as plates of various thicknesses. A frequent form of polystyrene, which does not absorb water but unfortunately littered down about the same ..
    / Ulf