May 13, 2008

Blekinge Matvik 080509-11 After having been stuck in the garage all winter-spring and then just turn around in the channel felt that Pentecost was the right time for tent & the archipelago. Now also with the promised high summer heat ..

Leif and Marja came away a little earlier on Friday, while Charlotte and I have not launched in Nytäppet until around nine. A little cooler in the air, but pale and still light during the paddling out to Bockö. When we arrived we met Kenneth and Kerstin, who also had planned to spend the weekend with a kayak.
Tent Set-up, food and miscellaneous discussions about Type dumplings and stuff. There was quite late ..

Launching Nytäppet

Friday evening Bockö


Tent site at Bockö is also a popular hangout for all birds and a nightingale kept us company all night. But it is a bit sheltered so it takes a while before the sun reaches the mountain and start frying the tents.
After a rather lengthy breakfast we decided to walk up to hake. The view on top is amazing, you see the whole Hällaryd island and far away in Ronneby. On the way back where a number of swimming in the bay on the east side. It tends to be freezing cold in the water this time of year but now it was probably up against a 15-16 ° - completely badbart ..


Bath & Laundry


When we got back decided Kenneth and Kerstin themselves to paddle toward Allböle to locate new camp for the night while we drew us south towards Tärnö. Slow paddle in the weak sea breeze around the southern tip Tarnos and then a hefty glass break at Laxboden in the harbor.
We sat there in the sun and wondering where we would camp in the evening, until we finally decided on Leif's proposal to look up at the hake on Bockö. In order to still get something paddled, we took the turn off to Allböle to see where Kenneth and Kerstin were. We did not find them but in any case clamp down a few drops of coffee to the bay just behind the point ..

Glass Break Laxboden

Coffee break Allböle

A piece to wear ..

Back to Bockö we went ashore at bay and started up all the stuff. 150 m upwards. Perhaps not entirely appropriate as a camping place in windy but plenty of space and the view is as I said ok ..
First, quite a long round of chips and beer and then cooking. There was probably quite late that night too ..

Setting up tents
big picture

Evening sun

Leif, Marja & Charlotte ..

.. Eating chips ..

On Sunday morning I woke up quite early, as soon as the sun began to creep over the horizon rose the heat in the tent. Warm in the air, completely still and still dew left the grass. Only the birds were awake and in full swing ..
After remaining and småslumrat a while I took a walk around the island.

Sunrise ..
big picture

.. Sunday morning ..
big picture

Morning walk

When I got back to the tents had the others woke up and we started with breakfast. There was no immediate hurry now either, but the clock had time enough to pass twelve before we got down to the boats.
After a quick dip, it was high time for lunch. And then asked again. And afternoon tea. And oops, now it's probably time to retire to the cars again. Sometimes you have time to almost nothing ..
In between, somewhere came Kenneth and Kerstin soon - they had also been on Bockö fixed to the second tent another night ..

Kenneth & Kerstin

Somewhat later, about the same place ..

Sheep & Leif

In order to vary us a little and trim the numbers, we took the road around Bockö and Bokö back against Nytäppet. Marja and Charlotte rolled a few times while Leif and I offered to take care of their hats. So we did ..

Marja & Charlotte outside Eastern Bokö

After the bath the Nytäppet ..

When we had finished reading the cars we squeezed in us the remains of Leif's blueberry pie and took one last bath down the diving tower on the beach. Back in Malmö, just after nine. Välbadade but no red on their bodies ..

Cannon Weekend! Plenty of sun, swimming and food, and some trifling km paddled - 3 +17 +4 km. Really hope it becomes more like that again soon ..

/ Ulf

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8 Responses to "Bockö"

  1. eriksjos writes:

    Gorgeous pictures! Looks good, if somewhat stuffy ;-)
    But ... fck Competizione not see the archipelago?

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Well a little småkvalmigt was actually at times. But it was only to endure ..
    New kayak has only 10 kg extra displacement as it is a bit limited camping. But above all, thin crust and underlying rudder does not feel completely one hundred up among the rocks in Blekinge. Weekend waves should, however, I have done ..
    / Ulf

  3. Jonas Lindström writes:

    It is not the first time I read your or Erik's and Pia's website about missed cannon weekends in my home waters.
    However, paddled a few trips there in good weather the weekend before.
    Jonas L

  4. Ulf wrote:

    Unfortunately we often do not get along if we were to paddle until the car on the way up. But now to Nytäppetträffen learn it enough to become, quite safe ..
    / Ulf

  5. Jonas Lindström writes:

    A morning along the coast Matvik-tow ball was yesterday morning. Nice weather but not as a weekend you have matched when we were still in Lund.
    / Jonas

  6. Ulf wrote:

    It is probably just up with some pictures on the net too, so we city paddlers have something to comfort us with ..? ;)
    / Ulf

  7. eriksjos writes:

    Yes! Up with a blog Jonas!
    More kayak blogs! and less "secret" paddlers! ;-)

  8. Jonas Lindström writes:

    I keep enough to paddle a little "secret" but we'll see probably sometime in the archipelago.
    Maybe I meet you sailing. Has dared me to take up sailing interests by acquiring a laser.
    Although it is an activity close to the water if you want to get wet. Morning with kayaking, sailing a bit during the day and evening with his wife in the boat with a picnic at sunset on an island. So perhaps one might fill a few days on holiday.
    / J

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