June 13, 2008

Nytäppetträffen 080607-08 Had to catch up with some stuff on Friday so I was not up in Nytäppet until just before eleven at night. It was still decent light and no wind when I paddled out to the East Bokö.

Nytäppet Friday night

When I arrived I saw that low tide had drained the entire bay below the lawn so I paddled on around Ideholmen the big bridge on the other side. Up on the hill is a small piece of cake with morning sun and great views. In addition, the perfect place for morning swim and then sit and eat breakfast ..
After the First Marine weather, I went for a walk down to the tent camp where I met George from Kajaksyd . He had checked if there were some who were hungry in the morning paddling, but because it was a little weak with the interest it had to be a little snack and a brief talk before people started to wake up ..

Eastern Bokö Saturday morning

Morning Dip
big picture

Tent Camp

After a rather lengthy breakfast-coffee-morning where I managed to miss the organized activities that Andis Greenland paddling and meteorology lecture, I came to the end user in the kayak again.
MKKarna had run on the regular tioupplägget but Erik & Pia and a few soft starters were still there and ready for some paddling. It had apparently been on the ice Tärnö on Friday so today's task was, of course, ice cream Tjärö ..
Since there was neither any wind or waves, but just blazing sun, it became a quiet paddle around Allböle and past Dragsö before lunch on Tjärö. Little control and the role of training both on the way there and back ..

Timo & George

Packed Tjärö

Goran & Pia

Champagne on the mountain, Saturday night

After some swimming and generally placing it became evening meeting on the mountain where Erik & Pia gave us champagne. Somewhat unclear what exactly would be celebrated but we were well up to something like "The day after the flags all day" type.
George and Timo took an extra swing in the kayaks and took the opportunity to practice ståpaddling while the second piece of ice sat and applauded ..
Good night.

Janina eat breakfast, Sunday morning
big picture

Sunday began at about the same pace as the morning before, swimming and slow breakfast. Gradually, people began to pack up their stuff and take leave of each other, before one last swing around the islands.

Ihop Gasket ..

Lunch and swimming Tärnö

On the way around Tärnö I met the rest of the MKK-gang and Kenneth & Kerstin. Hung out to lunch & swimming on the northeast tip and then glass break in the harbor before we parted again.

Jesper mooring

Tarnos southern tip

After having rounded Tärnö Kajka me around a bit among the islands before I came to the Gulf of Bockö east side. One hour nap break in the afternoon sun was nice ..
Back to the car around femsnåret.


Coffee break

Iona Matvik

There have been a bit much on the job front in recent weeks but nice that it still was possible to squeeze in a few days off. Perfect weather, just the right pace and good company ..
2 +14 +19 km paddled.
There is more about Nytäppetträffen of Erik & Pia , Bjorn , Bjorn and Magnus .

/ Ulf

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6 Responses to "Nytäppet"

  1. eriksjos writes:

    At last! Squeaky pictures! and as always great to see you there!

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Thank you! Well it was nice to see you again - was quite a while since last time unfortunately .. But now I also have one of those daring stoort lens for my camera ..
    / Ulf

  3. eriksjos writes:

    Of course you will have a great lens!
    A place like this maybe? http://gizmodo.com/353073/canon-120056l-usm-the-bfg-of-telephoto-lenses
    But then you'll probably put on more doors and maybe build a bigger kayak ;-)

  4. Bjorn Svensson writes:

    Yeah a kayak building that follow are great fun!

  5. Mats Nording writes:

    Great to see all your beautiful pictures, hope you're happy with your new kayak.
    And thanks for the inspiration you get through your construction site.
    some pictures from my casting of "copies" of your submergence of the pack gaps.

    Summer greetings
    Mats Nording

  6. Björn Thomasson writes:

    The link in Mats comment was wrong for some reason. Here it must be: