Immeln / Raslången

September 18, 2008

Immeln and Raslången 080912-14 When Leif and I came down to the club on Friday afternoon, we met Carin, Challans and Jesper who was on his way over to Klitmøller in Denmark along with Eric & Pia and GKF . And as they stack the west we drove towards the wilderness in northeastern Skåne ..
On the way saw the gray right out and hung in the air but the rain arrived at the beach in Mjönäs began to ease up and when we paddled out into Immeln sun was shining. Leif knew a few tent sites and after Kajka around for a while we decided on a small promontory just over mile away. On the map, an island, but in reality, we sat together with the mainland ..

big picture


Small fire

It is very rocky in both lakes and forests up here and not easy to find camp sites but on the hill went well. Up with the tents and then bonfire and food. Significantly more food than fire for Leif stood for the meal (and then there will be both a lot and good ..) and it was quite humid in the ground ..
Full moon and cold during the night.

Saturday morning

When we awoke on Saturday morning it was still pretty cool but it warmed plenty of sun. Long walk, breakfast and then a few cups of coffee in peace o peace before we packed up and came down in the kayaks again.
The weather forecast solder partly cloudy - chance of sun but no rain - during the whole weekend and now the clouds began to return ..


We met up with MKKarna at Mjönäs and then paddled north. Headwind and gray all the way to lunch at Högön, but on the way home it died down and we got a lot of sun. Indolent paddling back there a few took an extra break at the Women's Islands of us had a little paddle training. Bath o coffee in Mjönäs before we loaded the cars and drove to the scout hut Birdsong in Kaffatorp.

Anna, who's real name is Ewa ..

Large fire

We have hired us here a few years now - two small cottages in the middle of the jungle where you can both sleep indoors, in tents or shelters, and with a large fireplace with room for everyone. Tend to be late nights with lots of food & beverage and various Discussion by the fire.
In the morning, muttering, although a bit about it being cold, and that some were snoring away in the tents - none that I noticed, however, neither the one nor the other ..

Raslången - coffee Kion

Other days, we usually paddle in Raslången which lies just east of Immeln. A much smaller lake but with greater niceness factor and not as rocky but more rocks to sunbathe on ..
Launching at the southern end, lunch halfway to Kion and then a quick snack & badpaus the gleaming bay at the north. A little better weather on Sunday, cloudy at times but lots of sun and late-summer heat in between.

Tour leader Saied & Emil

Coffee Shiny Bay


Nature up here feels very far from what one is accustomed to the bottom of the pie country in southern Skåne. It is quite barren and in many places the forest is almost impenetrable. One can understand that in many years was a natural border between Denmark and Sweden.
But Snapphane country is well worth a visit - especially at this time in the fall, it feels just right in the thick forest around one!


Victoria & Boel

Home ..

Overall, we were finally 20 participants from the club - nice weekend and thank Saied and Emil who ran turledningen on tour! 2 +18 +16 km.
Now it would sit well with some autumn archipelago as well, before winter creeps in ..

/ Ulf


6 Responses to "Immeln / Raslången"

  1. eriksjos writes:

    Squeaky pictures!
    And I agree; autumn archipelago had been just fine. But even some winter archipelago in the future.

  2. tommy hautop writes:

    Hello live south of Kristianstad padlat much Canadians in IDOM waters very fine will be fun o test the kayak is o build a Isfjorden now. Very nice pictures Sincerely Tsommy

  3. Ewa writes:


    Great pictures from a nice trip. ... 'll try to make a greater impression on you next time so you will remember that my name is Ewa and not Anna:)

  4. Ulf wrote:

    Hmm, do not know if I hear bad or just suffering from a little stick of memory - but now I'll probably remember ..
    I try anyway do better and not make the same mistake too many times in a row. It's more fun with the new ..
    / Ulf

  5. Lennart Nilsson writes:

    Nice, nice pictures. I paddled many times on these lakes, with the Canadians. Do not know if you remember me, but I'm building a kayak in the living room sent some pictures to you at the time your comment was that you would never be the limited space and more. I have followed your building now and then in the spring, my build is still on the slipway will be ready for summer.

  6. Ulf wrote:

    Although it is beautiful up in the north-eastern Skåne, I have to admit that I prefer the archipelago, and happy when far out to sea ..
    But I remember well your building Lennart! And luckily, I have recently managed to lure me some months in the shop down at the club - otherwise my living room had also been at risk ..
    / Ulf