May 27, 2009


Nyttäppetträffen 090522-24 After a few packed weeks now in May it was finally time for a few days off - just lounging around, talk to people and maybe even a little paddling in between ..

Arriving at the East Bokö

Leif and I drove up from Malmo on Friday afternoon and arrived at East Bokö only around five something. It was already quite a lot of people in place and more showed up later. Up with the tents and then unwind with some beer and chips before the body cakes for dinner. While Victoria has lived in Bockö with some other comrades were gone for a ride. A little småstänk during the evening but mostly cloudy.

Unpack the necessities of life ..

Leif, Pia and Charlotte Friday night

Morning Concert with swan and two Canadian geese

On Saturday morning we woke up quite early by a swan chasing around two loud, but unusually monotonously trumpeting, Canadian geese and forth in the bay. No direct risk to oversleep as well ..
Heavy clouds in the sky made it a slow start with a lot of coffee and snack before the gangs began to disperse around the archipelago. Leif, Jesper, Carin, Charlotte, Dagmar, Erik and I was good as usual among the last who came in kayaks. A decent westerly wind tore up the fun waves just below the meter outside Tärnö and gave us some nice surfing the way around. Lunch at the northeast tip, still fairly dark sky, but only some occasional drop now and then.

Dark clouds outside Tärnö

Refreshments Tarnos northeast tip

Second lap around Tärnö ..

After dinner, we decided to go out and watch the waves again, so I had to make one revolution around the island, before it was time for ice cream at the port on the inside. And after the ice cream was needed, of course, more coffee. Hard life ..

Brewing Parking

Snack in the sun, just after the break glass ..

Quickly dip ..

On the way home it started to slowly clear up, the sun peeped out more and more, and the wind died down. Back at the tents and I decided Leif us to clean up before us a little food so it was a quick swim off the jetty. Fresh ..
Dagmar and Leif succumbed then up a real feast with herring, potatoes and all the accessories down at the water's edge. After dinner we sat still for quite a long while and talked at sunset, and only then we moved up the mountain along with the other. Nice uppesittarkväll but down in your sleeping bag before midnight ..

.. Massage ..

.. Before dinner ..

.. And then some Eftersnack

Saturday night on the mountain, and, a few hours later ..
big picture

Breakfast on the mountain

On Sunday morning, drove Leif and I started again with a new quick dip before breakfast on the mountain. A little cloudy but fairly comfortable temperature, no rain in the air and only light winds. But one knew of the break-up the atmosphere and some had already started packing for the trip home.

An Ikea bag, plenty of dishwasher, a lemon and a little tetravin then saved the weekend ..

Theresa & Jesper and ..

We got down the tents in the kayaks and just before eleven stack Dagmar, Janina, Theresa, Jesper, Leif and I go for another walk around Tärnö. Very small lake, this time, but fun nonetheless meanders around among the stones on the outside. In order to renew us something so we continued north and then took lunch in the bay on the east side Bockö. Even now there were a few splashes before the sun came back again.

.. Dagmar & Janina outside Tärnö - the third lap

Last fikan on Bockö and ..

.. Last bath in Nytäppet before the car trip back to Malmo

Back in Nytäppet was just to unpack the kayaks and into the cars again, after the obligatory bath, of course ..

Great to get out again - to be free, meet old friends and get to paddle around in a little island with new kayak. The leak is still some annoying drops in the rear shot, but otherwise I am really pleased - fits well and it is a dream to pack through the generous gaps ..

It felt like there were slightly fewer participants than last year and maybe it was because a little worse weather forecasts, but as usual we had the most sun and it was top fun as always! Many thanks to Goran that pulls in a crowd, the whole thing!

Now where it may not so much but paddled a +18 +13 km we got enough together. The moderate pace ..

Erik Björn and Magnus have already written about the hit on their pages and it will probably be more ..

/ Ulf

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9 Responses to "Nytäppet"

  1. Jonas Lindström writes:

    Great pictures as usual! Your quick dip in Bokö inspired me to an even faster swim back home at the pier. 11 degrees in the water. 10 degrees on Sunday.

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Well they mentioned something about 11 ° when we jumped in and I had afterwards no reason to doubt it .. But yesterday when I took a bath (with a kayak ..) at the bar here outside of Malmo was probably up in the 14-15 something - clearly more comfortable!
    / Ulf

  3. eriksjos writes:

    I felt as 14.5 °. Now cool it hardly anymore ;-)

  4. Jonas Lindström writes:

    It was me who commented that it was 11grader when you jumped in but your bath inspired to do the same.

  5. Erik A says:

    Do you share the tent with the new curvy? Is it better than the previous ones?

  6. Ulf wrote:

    Maybe not all the way into the tent, but the way of past experience , I would have liked to kayak within fairly easy reach ..
    Has really difficult to notice any major differences to Corsan, except except cockpit doors then, so no direct teething problems but just to launch and paddle on as usual. Sounds a bit boring perhaps but that's also how I wanted it ..

    Will see if I can not get a more detailed evaluation and more close-up sometime in the future ..

    / Ulf

  7. eriksjos writes:

    You can build one to simply! With little difference. So at least you will notice the difference a couple of trips! YOU must surely have something to do for the fall ;-)

  8. Ulf wrote:

    Feels like it's not really 100-position to start thinking about next kayak building yet, at least not until Carin +24 days present themselves ..
    / Ulf

  9. eriksjos writes:

    You probably can not keep you from the spray anyway ;-)