June 30, 2009


Misterhult Klint Paint 090618-21 This year it was over twenty notified to MKKs midsommartur in Misterhult archipelago. A three-day, which usually become even longer since most tend to take time off, even on Thursday. So we can we run up during the afternoon and then paddle out to the night camp at Little Bergö before it gets too dark.
Dagmar and I were forced to work all day so we were not up in the Klint paint until shortly after one o'clock at night. But it's not really much of a difference - it's not really dark this time of year and when we launched it had already begun to brighten slightly. A thin crescent moon lit the way past the Vino and into the channel between Alo and Husholmen and then on to Big Vippholmen where Leif and Marja camped. Get up tents on the southern tip, in the lee overlooking Strupdjupet, and some sandwiches before we then went to bed around half past three.

Large Vippholmen Friday morning

I woke up early to the sun beat down the tent and when I later heard Leif potter away with him it was time to get up. After a few cups of coffee appeared also Dagmar and Marja out of the tents.
We were all right after yesterday's tough trip up combined with slightly too little sleep so it was a quiet morning. Much coffee, some walk, a little snack in the sun and many prayed before we packed up and got in the kayaks just after lunch.

Morning Coffee
big picture

Marja and Dagmar, north of Strupö

The forecast for the weekend was pretty unstable weather but because the prevailing wind was westerly came mostly rain likely across the country and it was just a few short bursts over us.
We paddled first due west towards Kålsö, where we saw two eagles, around the set between Strupö and the small islands on the north side, where we found what must have been quite a heron colony. It was probably 20-30 pieces in a fairly limited area, both flying in tetrahedral and still respect us as we glided past. Although plenty of curious sheep watched us ..

Leif bathe, Pigs Cut

Short stop on the north side of Pigs Cut for more coffee and swimming. Dagmar began to wonder what kind of manic cleanly company she had found themselves in.. When we went inside the concerns had the sun disappeared and the clouds began to contract properly. It looked like really bad weather over the country but we only got a few small mud before we arrived at the Brando and the rest of the gang.
Midsummer's Eve was spent late in the lee of the island's east side, according to tradition a few light showers during the dinner but otherwise ok weather. Went to bed early to catch up on sleep ..

Rain on the road, inside Örö
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Saturday morning

On Saturday morning it was again time to get up early when the sun hit. Nice to just be able to roll out of the tent and then lie on a rock and listen to the P1 and take a few cups of coffee before the day gets rolling in earnest.
Forward started this morning most of the gang get in the kayaks, while some of us had a little picnic and swimming there. But around noon, we also came away, first northwards for a ride then down to worry again. We got almost up before the rains came ..

One group ..

.. On the other - set out on the bay

Even a shower ..

Birthday Parties

What I did not know was that Marja, Leif, Dagmar, Jesper, Anders and Charlotte had arranged a surprise birthday party in advance. It was not until Elisabeth and Owe insisted on offering us to eat in the arbor and I saw the buffet table, it started to go up a low light ..
It was first ålapannkaka, salmon o potatoes and then coffee and strawberry cake for dessert, rimstuga the guestbook (do not ask, read yourself the next time you peeking past ..) and who continued a hefty long sitting in the sauna on the bridge. With beer and pink champagne ..!

Placing in the sun

Oros sauna is a bit hard to describe (to be experienced on the spot ..) but imagine a pretty little shop with a large wood stove, seating on three floors, hatch in the floor into the sea, out on a pier by the sea in one of Sweden's most beautiful archipelagos. Add a bunch of nice friends so it is doubtful whether it could be better ..!
After some hours, alternating between sauna, swimming and break in the sun on the bridge, we were all legal tender, and then finished Dagmar & Marja to give me a good back massage. Many thanks to all who attended - a real cannon birthday! And no, I did not notice anything before but was really cheated ..

Check the sump

The clouds bursting up
big picture

In the end we succeeded in all cases, stool us back to the kayaks and started paddling back home. Now the sky cracked up and we rounded the concern in a fantastic evening light before we turned west, almost no wind and the sun in your eyes ..


Jesper, Anders and Marja
big picture

On the way back
Arriving on Brando

Once there, it was time to eat again .. Although we were fully gorged, it was hard to resist when Leif, Dagmar & Marja conjured up only a sandwich cake, even a strawberry cake and more champagne! I can not believe they could smuggle with all the stuff but I noticed something ..
Really nice evening and although I was pretty tired after the day so I could at least stay up until shortly after eleven. I think ..

Birthday cake

Saturday evening
big picture

Also on Sunday, began with great weather and it was a lazy morning in the sun before the large group packed up for hempaddlingen. We got out a slightly late, so for us it was a beeline south. The clouds remained over the country and we squeezed in a quick-stop in the sun on Kålsö before last hope toward Klint Paint. So fast that we actually could not keep anything bad from Ballerina biscuits this time ..

Refreshments Sunday
big picture

On the way home ..
big picture

More food ..

However, we missed, of course, not the waffles at the diner down in the harbor when it was all ready packed for the journey home to Malmö ..

It was a bit stressful day before but as usual it will be great just to get away. Although we were a pretty big group this time it worked well when Annika, Janina, and Theresa was in the tour leader - think everyone was really pleased! And even if we had some rain so it was mainly sunny, at least if you judge by people's facial color ..

Something paddled it was actually: 4 +10 +10 +11 km.

Victoria has put out some more pictures of MKKs blog.

/ Ulf

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  1. eriksjos writes:

    Many squeaky pictures!
    Congratulations and a bit afterwards!

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Well, it starts well be time to dust off his stick, support wheels to the bike and pontoons to kayak now ..
    / Ulf

  3. eriksjos writes:

    You could of course there plastic coated permanent pontoons? ;-)

  4. Ulf wrote:

    Needed really no pontoons, the solution is already in the pipeline. My previous construction began at 54 cm, then 53, 50 down to 46 cm in width, but most recently this past winter turned it, and I rose back to 50 again. As forecast in 10 years should be just below the meter across the cockpit ..
    / Ulf

  5. Erik Barkefors writes:

    Variables can often turn into closer and closer to the ultimate goal. A rough guess would be that when you land at around 48-49 cm width in the end ;-)

    Look at them "broad" surfski occupies the width ...

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