Eastern Blekinge

August 9, 2009


Karlskrona archipelago 090731-0802 Malmö Canoe Club paddle quite often reside in Blekinge and in early August, we usually keep to the east between Sturkö and Torhamn. We drive up on Friday evening, launching at Gissleviks camping, paddling past the cable ferry to Hästholmen and usually reach the Gullö exactly the same time as the sun goes down. Not the world's funniest island but only mode, room for many tents and usually free from boaters.
The weather forecast was good for the weekend, mostly sunny and decent wind - west veering to east on Sunday.

Unpack kayaks Gissleviks camping



We are located on the southeastern tip, and most look up tents in the little meadow, while some prefer the top of the cliff. But this year I found a new small patch of grass out on the headland near the water. Evening, morning shade at six-thirty or so, a bit draughty but mosquito free and very close to the bath.
Fine evening, for sure, and many shooting stars.

Breakfast Club


After breakfast on the mountain paddled the entire group off just after half past ten. First, due south into the wind, then out of Gåsefjärden and behind Torumaskär. It would blow a part of the day we decided to try to keep us out of the wind behind Hästholmen. Across Kållafjärden, between Front Cut and Inlängan against Långören. Here it was coffee, lunch, ice cream or waffles, at will and needs ..

View Utlängan

Full and satisfied we paddled then back west, a little fighting an uphill battle at first, but easier in the lee of Open Cut. Some wanted to peek into the båtbyggarmuseet on Hästholmen while the rest were hanging around in the sun on the grass cut. Then when we would return home to Gullö so the idea was first northwards via cable ferry, but as the wind died down somewhat, we took the southern route around Hästholmen again. A little more open and pleasant paddle water ..

Dagmar watching sheep on Flat Cut

Large picture

The height of Äspeskär continued Dagmar and I south out to sea, past the Flak cut and replaced with gloves. Have paddled past the past and was a bit eager to see if it went to camp here. And sure, it would probably work, if the wind does not argue too much and you stand out with a lot of waterfowl. Up on the highest appliance, it was almost entirely flat and the view is ok ..
Is not really that fond of all these hake that people have a tendency to build everywhere on every ötopp in the archipelago but now I fell there myself for the first time. In my defense may well be said that it was only slightly less than 2 dm high and will probably be washed away later this fall ..


Night Club

Following the usual marker of the island we took off further west, rounded Bokeska and in Gåsefjärden. Now the wind had subsided almost completely, and it was rather indolent downwind paddling back to Gullö. Cloudy but no rain. Dinner on the mountain.

Outside Bokeska

Sunday started a little grayer, hot air and little wind, but just in time for departure began, however, it brighten up again. The usual routine usually means ice cream in Sturkö camping but Dagmar, Lennart and I found it a pity to keep the inshore one day like this. So back to the old route to the gloves again, and a long lunch in the sun on the south side.

Large picture

Refreshments View

The gloves
Large picture

Dagmar & Lennart

We had decided to meet at the campsite last three as we drew us north again through Inlängan to the next stop on the Open Cut. Here Dagmar packed up a rabarerpaj so we were a long time and komade of sun late.
Eventually, we succeeded in all cases, stool back the last bit of Torhamn Bay and actually came out just five minutes late and a whole quarter before the rest of the group. Probably the first (and probably last ..) time it happened ..
Additional provisioning stop on canon cafe in Torhamn before the car ride home to Malmö.


Break o sleep again ..


On some ice cream on it .. Torhamn

Cannon Weekend in Blekinge! Just in time with mosquitoes and humans, and very bad & sun. Many thanks to Leif who led the tour and maintained order o find out everything and everyone ..
6 +24 +15 km.

Victoria has more text & photos on MKKbloggen .

/ Ulf

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    Nice pictures, seems to have been a nice trip you have done, again. Nice that you think of your carbohydrate intake.
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    GI does not seem to have taken hold of us ..
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