July 10, 2006


Ven 060708-9 order to possibly avoid the worst of morning rush hour on Sunday when MKK would paddle around the island of Ven, Leif and I decided to stand out on Saturday evening .. When we got up to around Ålabodarna sjusnåret the evening was the little fish trade is still open so we could supplement the diet with a little smoked shrimp, herring and salmon.
The whole week had been oppressively hot, but on Saturday came at last a little cloud and no rain splashes. But it held up during the journey and when we approached Ven sun came out again.



Leif rounds the southern tip

We were a bit unsure whether it was possible to find a decent camping spot but just after we had rounded the southern tip, we found a small plot with room for two small tents. Right next to a pretty popular walking trail as it turned out in the morning ..

A little shrimp, herring, olives, nuts, chips, beer, old Danish ..


The tents come in all the cases up and we picked up a little snack before dinner.
Best as we sat and nibbled showed up two mallards. We had no bread but maybe some nuts or chips would work? - But oh no, the prawns were the only thing that was good enough to end ..

Gourmet Ducks, or should it be gourmets maybe ..

Sunset, no later

We sat and talked for quite a while during a spectacular sunset, and finally even the moon appeared from behind his back.
In the morning we packed up our tents under the auspices of a steady stream of tourists, and paddled away to the harbor at Kyrkbacken to eat some ice cream and wait for MKK: why ..


Susanna and Juliet, glass break at Kyrkbacken

This year's fashion color orange ..

Keep the whole gang showed up around the pier in the harbor and it was even more coffee and ice cream before we went full circle. The southerly wind had increased during the day but on the north side was the lee, and we paddled in a leisurely pace past all the boats at anchor outside North Bay, the last stop at Hakens lighthouse.

Kayak park with Susanna at Hakens lighthouse

We said goodbye to Susan which of course would remain on the island, and Juliet instructed the group before crossing. Strait's highly trafficked here and now, it had even had time to build up a little lake, but it was pretty nice waves and all came home unscathed.

Charlotte and Christian

A little waves in the way back

Leif will find a surf

Happy holidays from our närskärgård. Plenty of sunshine and little wind, and as always lots of food & snack ..

/ Ulf


4 Responses to "Ven"

  1. jim sand twig writes:

    Great pictures as usual.
    If you look back on several issued statements so is diet an essential element. Good to see that carbohydrate intake is managed carefully. (What did we do before carbohydrate approach was introduced?) I do not think anyone in the MKK, at least not Leif and Ulf, will be checked for scurvy in the near future ...
    Jim S

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Yes, for some strange reason it has become very much eating on our tours - perhaps it is so that the most primary instincts crawling out from under the harsh privations ..
    On the other hand, we can probably soon rationalize away the cockpit canopy - there is still a dense o nice fit around the boards ..
    / Ulf

  3. T. Hammar writes:

    Coffee break at MKK is just as highly ranked as the paddling

  4. Ulf wrote:

    It was probably why I ended up marathon running and began to paddle in place - multiple breaks and more coffee .. :)
    / Ulf