November 19, 2011

Väderöarna Bohuslän 111111-13 Although it was approaching the middle of November did the prolonged autumn that it was difficult to avoid even an overnight. The weather in the week before was quite stable, not so much sun, but unfortunately most haze and fog, but unusually mild and hardly any wind. So Heidi and I decided to finish the season as we started, in Fjällbacka. Lots of beautiful islands, decently protected and also - if the forecast was for the weekend - maybe time to get even further out .. Read more »


October 21, 2011

Blekinge Listerby 111016-17 few days of really good weather meant that Heidi and I was hungry for another camping weekend. The forecast promised, although a bit cold at night but otherwise brilliant sunshine and almost no wind. And then we both wanted to be on the club pool training in Burlington bath on Saturday stuck we can not leave until Sunday morning, the Blekinge this time .. Read more »


October 14, 2011

Havstenssund Bohuslän 111007-09 After the great weekend in Blekinge it was time for late autumn tour, last point on the club program. And like last time, it had blown right heavily the week before to then calm down a bit just for the weekend. Or a quiet and calm, gale all day, however, varied west, north and then west again. Blekinge lured with the chance for small wind and solar while Bohuslän forecast gave us extra everything. Easy choice, therefore, the west coast .. Read more »


September 29, 2011

Blekinge Matvik 110923-25 ​​In late September usually MKK spend a weekend in Hällaryd and after last year's kulingtur we thought it was time to return to normal again. So while the west remained pretty well the whole week before, so it died down just in time for Friday. The prognosis in general was ok, although the risk of a little splash, but still warm in the air. It was just water that had already reached the winter temperature .. Read more »

Tjärö Festival

September 19, 2011

Tjärö Blekinge 110902-04 first weekend in September, it was time Tjärö Festival again - lots of courses, tours, hands-on paddling, lectures, exhibitors, barbecues and bar hanging in the barn, out in Tjärö in western Blekinge. It was great last time and this year's approach looked even better, do not miss then .. Read more »