October 14, 2011

Havstenssund Bohuslän 111007-09 After the great weekend in Blekinge , it was time for late autumn tour, last point on the club program. And just like last time it had blown a considerable degree the week before to then calm down a bit just for the weekend. Or a quiet and calm, gale days, however, varied west, north and then west again. Blekinge lured with the chance for small wind and sun while Bohusläns forecast gave us all the extras. Easy choice, therefore, the west coast ..
Since we would camp on the land first night there was no immediate hurry up on Friday night, and we left Malmö only shortly after sex. A few hearty bursts on the road but uppklarnade the further north we got. A felkörning at the road construction outside Tanumshede made to watch yet had time to get over twelve before we got up to Havstenssund.

Saturday morning

Arriving at the beach we opened the tent and then took a walk on the footbridge along the mountain into town. Quite empty at this hour but the many lobster pots that were piled up in the harbor gossiped about activity. Now, even had the wind subsided and it was not quite as cold as expected. Sometimes the moon peeped through the clouds. Very little bioluminescence in the back at the jetties.
The sleeping bags around a.

A sunny breakfast

big picture

Early shipping forecast warned northerly gale, but we were fine in the lee of the mountain. When even the sun peeped in between, we got the heat up quickly and it was a nice breakfast at rekorderliga furniture. Next was climbing on the program so the clock-ten-boats shot up a bit.
Great views at the top, from Ursholmen on Koster in the north down to the weather Islands in the southwest.



The plan for the day was to paddle inshore up against the turn, to then if possible go on the outside down again towards Ulsholmen. Quite chilly in the wind when we struggled north past Havstenssund, in at Trossö, late round consideration before lunch in the lee of Lindöns ostspets. The inside of Kalvön is very beautiful and fertile with both coniferous and deciduous forests, in sharp contrast to the rugged exterior.

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Lunch Lindön

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After the break we continued north above Lindön to feel the waves outside. There was a lot but was probably not quite up to gale force. Just over metersjö top Kosterfjorden who then met with the old sydvästdyningen. Messy but manageable meant we rounded the turn before we turned off the south.
What a change of scene! The cold headwind became a tailwind comfortable with surfing, and also began the sun peek out with increasing frequency. Around ålakråkan in at Kalvön and then 180 ° straight at Long Cut western tip. Cannon Paddling!


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Outside Långskär
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Arriving at the Bay of Ulsholmen in the last sunlight. Up to the tents, hurriedly asked, and then a sip of hot & cold to bring up the temperature again.
Then a walk up the mountain to watch the sunset. Now the wind had slowed down even more and also turned to the east, so we sat nicely in the lee of the cliff. Some fishing boats entering and a ship passed by on the horizon just as the sun went down. Otherwise, only a few gulls that kept us company.

Tents & Kayaks
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Two boats
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Ursholmen and turn
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Cooking in the dark down on our tent. We had brought a lot of desserts as well, but everyone was so tired so it was not much of it. Shortly after eight, we thought it was ok to start packing up.
An extra turn up the mountain to check out the amazing full moon before it was time for sleeping bags. Both me and Heidi had guarded with double ..


Early Sunday morning
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It was not so cold that night either, they had gone out with frost risk but the ocean was warming probably too much out here yet. However, it warned the morning weather of 14-18 m / s north and rain during the day ..
When I crawled out of my sleeping bag slightly after seven it was still calm and almost completely black. The sun struggled up over the horizon and managed to give a magnificent sky before it disappeared behind the clouds again. When I came back to the tent it was, strangely, not much activity, so I crawled into the sleeping bag again ..

Some time later
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Bad weather again
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Breakfast over at Henry and Janina before we started packing up. No rush today either, the harsh weather meant that there would be only a short paddle back.
After getting it all together, we took a last turn up on the mountain to check the wind. Up here, it was noticeable that it was proper skies opened again. No rain in sight yet, but the gale had already torn up the proper lake.

Team Gale
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Southwest 14-18 m / s
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Back home

When we got out of the bay, we met the first waves rolling in around the corner. Fine wind and surf north past Long Cut and Roth Holmen before rounding Hällsö. And a bit hefty head wind down the strait to the beach.
Up with the kayaks, unpack all the stuff, even a quick dip and then lunch in the small badhytten. Just before we got into the cars, the first splashes ..

big picture

Before the rain
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Unfortunately it was not so many reports on this occasion, the weather deterred some may think. Sure, it requires good equipment and a lot of habit, but often much more experience and impressions as well. And there is almost always, as now, much better than expected ..
Although it was at times quite come we did not get a drop of rain, lots of sun & moon on it. A real hösttur then!
It has been a part Blekinge recently so it was nice to come back here again. And Bohuslän is the often extraordinary dramatically in some FOUL WEATHER ..

Paddle 19 +5 km

/ Ulf

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4 Responses to "Ulsholmen"

  1. jim's writing:

    Again, nice pictures, nice ride.
    No problem with the lake south of the turn, off Long Cut and down against Ulsholmen?
    Hälsn Jim S

  2. Ulf wrote:

    Jim Hi! Sorry a little late, came home from an extra tour of Blekinge last night. Only the sun o no wind this time ..
    Nah it was not as bad as feared outside Kalvön, believes all small islands, and because it took most of the lake. We had thought that most messy just off the turn, then slowed down wind while turning over to the east.
    Think it might be a little difficult to just rely on Marine weather, you can try things out and see the place the feeling. Just be sure to have some contingency plans in the back pocket, in case in case .. :)
    / Ulf

  3. Dan Persson writes:

    Very pretty pictures, especially I like them with low light.
    / Dan

  4. Ulf wrote:

    Thank you! It is pretty much the limit of what my little camera is capable of even though you can adjust something in ps. The difficulty, I think most are trying to get back to feeling but to fly away too much in the levels, saturation, contrast, etc. ..
    / Ulf

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