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December 21, 2011

Now it was a while since last time so it should perhaps be ok with one to .. Actually, I get no real reason to build new kayak, the old works well, it costs some money and take very much time. But it's pretty fun too. So, no direct hard decision to make, the problem lay more in what I build for something ..

Last winter was Jacob and I and brainstormed on new racing kayaks - leaner, longer and faster, especially for M24KC and similar races. Jacob got the thumbs out and built his Eone, which he then paddled 19 mil in one day with, but I do not really come loose. Partly because of that I spend almost twice as long to build, partly because I was uncertain how much it would be used later. In recent years, my track has focused more on sea kayaking - instruction, turledning and coaches - than the competition paddling, such as Ronne-on-rännet, DKM + mm. Nothing that I really have thought much about, but it has developed itself. Do not know what will happen in the future but right now I feel great about it. So afterwards, I concluded that there is probably a new touring kayak that I need instead ..

Now the difficulty was more to find what I wanted to change my current GT. This is actually the same hull as the original Corsan from 2006 and after six years it has had time to think about the part ..




I am quite satisfied the basic construction and after the last version it works most of what I want it. Proper mix of length, width and rocker provides an easy, fast and operable kayak that works in everything from hobby competitions, instructions, and coaches. For really messy lake could be shorter and wider boat would probably have been easier to handle but it had gone out over the rest of the properties. I rely on my high support, but skip the fiddle with the camera in meters waves. Maybe not suit everyone's taste, but close to the mark for me.

So it ended up being mostly cosmetic changes - some other foredeck and slightly elevated for & aft. And probably a different color ..


The frames are marginally adjusted since the last build. Or rather, almost everything is omritat but with a very similar result.

big picture

About the same deck layout, maybe a few more lines and possibly compass in front of the front door.

big picture

Then I thought about some of the color scheme. White hull and deck träfärgat works well, easy to build and maintain, but feels a tad unexciting. A greater contrast between the deck and hull would cause the shape is experienced slimmer and rail line is more accentuated, while the visibility increases. However, more crafts to paint ..

Guess I have to reflect on it for a while, it takes a course until I have to take the final decision. Any mixture of white, black and träfärgat will be enough, however. I like the colors and they do not interfere so much in the countryside or on the picture ..

Wooden deck, a white background

Wooden deck, black background

Wooden deck, white and black railings

White tires, black background

White tires, white and black railings

Herbal & mixed ..

All figures are about the same as last time: 560 x 50 (540 x 47.5) cm, displacement of 131 kg, pc-value 0.56, wet area about 2.1 square meters and weight around 20 kg. It is difficult to give exact figures because BearBoatSP, which I use to comply with uniform weights, is a rather primitive program. It uses only the circular arcs and straight lines (ie no ellipses or superelipser) when it calculates the volume and the wet surface. Works ok on the whole globe-shaped kayaks or if you have straight sides and / or flat bottom, but involves a lot of guesswork on my hull shapes.

Johan Wirsen has unfortunately stopped selling timber but luckily it was Peter, reside in Tranås fix home 400 m spruce strip. Have not ordered the epoxy yet but hope to kick off around New Years.

I got a little inspired by Johan Linder's website where he presents his Clapotisbygge and hope to do something similar this time around. Not just a build log, but also more detailed images & texts, from the drawing process to the various solutions I work with. We'll see how it goes with it ..

/ Ulf


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  1. eriksjos writes:

    Kuligt, will be exciting to follow!
    Looking for a very nice color so you will let me know! Awesome! :)
    But that bottom design lets you get skipping! Does the "cooked" out ...
    / Erik

  2. Jonas Lindström writes:

    It will be exciting to follow!

  3. Jonas Lindström writes:

    Funny, now saw that Eric's comment was very similar to mine but it's exciting it becomes.
    As before, I am impressed by your drawings! ... And building!

  4. Gunnar G wrote:

    Will be interesting to follow. Your previous looks very nice. I've started a strip black pearl, but have made up my mind because there is a furniture building to have ambition to be completed next year.

  5. Erik Barkefors writes:

    Always fun to follow your building so I look forward to this! I like your rounded sections in ändskeppen.

    Regarding color, I suggest this:
    (Although I did not get first in the tank, I was the first to "speak" it ...).

    Eric B

  6. Ulf wrote:

    Thank you all! We'll see how exciting it gets, some new tips & tricks maybe you can cram ..
    Regarding colors, I've thought a lot of back and forth, probably it is not so much orange though. And probably is not striped, either, that I was going to save to my if / when rajserkajakbygge:

    Gunnar, no it is not a furniture building but a tool for new adventures ..

    Eric B: yes, I've seen it too .. Though it's almost too much, "Finding Nemo" over it .. :)

    / Ulf

  7. Mike Skogman says:

    It will be interesting to follow a new building! Ändskeppet have skim-kayaks stolen from you on his newest kayak and call it innovative? Can you say, but not from their side ... maybe color should be black hull and wooden deck! It's neat.

  8. Erik A says:

    It will be exciting to follow!
    I think you should continue with the white hull and wooden deck. Scratches on white hull least visible. You've already svartskrovade kayaks, so you know.
    Built-in compass beyond avtorkningsavstånd dissar me.

    GPS box on deck with runoff?

    Respect for those who build kayaks with rounded pack slots. I hate my large, oblong, especially when the cold makes the cover stiff as a plastic bucket.

  9. Ulf wrote:

    No, I do not Skim has fully succeeded in his Beaufort, but I have not seen it in real life, might work better there. O the other hand, I borrowed from the stern self VKVs 100 models .. :)
    Black hull and wooden deck, I am also quite fond in. One advantage is that it's pretty easy to work with just paint and black paint, and not so much masking work. We'll see how it goes ..

    / Ulf

  10. Ulf wrote:

    White hull and wooden deck is pretty ok after a while, when the wood has darkened slightly. At first, the contrast is too small and the kayak feels unnecessarily clumsy I think. Hangs well in part together with the tire is an integral part of the shape, not just a "cap" that on some other models. Agree that white is more easily maintained (white epoxy electricity plastic padding ..) and the tire goes black light too hot.

    Though it is pretty much like with cars .. The first time they bought a white because it was neat - then seemed all that shit. Then I bought a black man - but then it seemed even more. So now it's just silver electrical metallic brown that apply - never washed ..

    GPS is a bit against my religion, so it is doubtful, compass, I see. Or rather not see, it is possible that the front door is too far away to +50 sight ..

    But round hatches rules .. Easy to apply and 100% watertight. Possibly slightly trickier to pack at times but the few seconds extra land can live with ..

    / Ulf

  11. Jonas Lindström writes:

    All white?

  12. Jonas Lindström writes:

    ... Both of my

  13. Ulf wrote:

    Well all white, is one of the proposals that are still here ..
    I think white looks right "cleant" out and blend well into the wild. What I have received is primarily two things, first, that I, if so, probably need to have a black / carbon fiber-rail line + any other details, for it not to feel too "vallik". It works fine on some kayaks but VKVn example looks a little out naked with no abnormal features. It's a bit too soft in form, and the eye needs a few lines to follow. And I suspect that my kayak (like VKVn) may seem a little chubby. Which god forbid .. Secondly, I think the visibility is not always the best. White is often seen is ok but you can not see a seagull as good as an oystercatcher example.

    / Ulf

  14. Jonas Lindström writes:

    Can agree with that little "vallika" as my Anita even though it is quite elegant, it's so stripped down. My X-Ray with black rail line that provides a little more vigor in the lines I think that's right nice but a bit too uppnost. Like your bow shape (little skerry cruiser over it).
    Soon time for ham. Merry Christmas!
    / Jonas

  15. Ulf wrote:

    Anitan is a nice kayak, paddled it quite a bit before I started to compose their own.
    I think that the inspiration for the shape of my kayaks partly rooted in some of his childhood interests, like, a mixture of the archipelago cruisers and German submarines from World War II about .. Well, that about this time for a little time off maybe ..
    Merry Christmas himself!

    / Ulf

  16. Axel Thobaben writes:

    Hi Ulf
    looks promissiong: o) I will continue to check the progress and the pictures you hopefully presented on this fantastic blog. Your images are - as always - stunning. The design looks good - Difficult to spot the differences between this and you load designs.
    All the best for 2012!
    Best Regards,

  17. Ulf wrote:

    Hi Axel! Yes, the design is very similar to my last kayak. To be frank, the real reason to build another ice probably That this one is just for the fun of it .. :)

    / Ulf

  18. Axel Thobaben writes:

    Hi Ulf
    In cancer in Stood this very good? I have plenty of projects waiting - not always kajaks - most enhancements at the house. But sometimes I miss the fun party.

  19. Ulf wrote:

    Sometimes I think there are way too many "musts" and not enough "fun" projects around in my life too. Even though I always try to focus on the "fun & work" and keep the "musts & work" party as Small as Possible .. :)

    / Ulf

  20. Axel Thobaben writes:

    Yep - this is a good approach. My boss sometimes complains that i "always" do the fun parts in the "musts" projects and leftovers from The Other party for him ;-)
    When I follow your blog I see your entries and photos, I realize, that 'you and your wife / partner / friend (Heidi) spent much more time on the water than we did as a family. But we are getting better and our little one's got her first kayak this spring. So we see goodwill. Maybe we are back in 2012 with our own boats in Iowa.
    Let's focus on the fun party in 2012 - even in the "musts" projects ...

  21. Ulf wrote:

    It's up to the grownups to try to be sensible and do things in the right order. Children and animals always go for the best first-party and Would never dream of leaving the dessert for last .. :) Maybe a bit of bothering is the best way to go ..
    Yes Heidi and I had a great year with Many new trips, she even went kayaking a few more times than I did! It would be good to see you and your family in Sweden sometime, just send me a mail next time you pass by and I'll see if I can work something out. Without too much "work" in it, that 'is .. :)
    Have a happy new year!
    / Ulf

  22. John writes:

    Stylish kayaks, sleek line drawings and beautiful site!


  23. Ulf wrote:

    Thank you! Nice boat you have yourself the way - Ron Holland was up here on the page as well for a few years ago .. :)
    / Ulf

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